How To Speed Up Your Project

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We want to share with you some tips based on the experience we have managing projects over the years, hoping this will help you better understand your own project and its needs.

Tips for a Sucessful Project

  • Please return messages and other communications speedily: the faster you provide feedback the faster your project can go. 

  • Scheduling project time can be competitive, and it’s offered in the order of customer arrival.  The sooner you get to start your project the better it is for you.   

  • Feel free to “markup” your jpeg with your feedback and send it back to ISS for revision. This will minimize the revision process and help you get your product quickly!  If you don’t have CAD software an ISS rep can provide links to free software.  

  • If this is a drawing project: the first drawing will be a rough draft.  It’s not the final version of what you will be receiving.  ISS will continue to work with you until your rough draft meets your reasonable specifications.  If no feedback is provided ISS will presume the drawing is good and will move to the next step.  

  • ​ISS prototypes use special prototyping glue.  This glue is a temporary bonding agent that can be released with water or with heat. If you need something more permanent, please reach out to ISS. If you need assembly help or fabrication plans please let ISS know.

  • If you have any questions pertaining to a specific product or services outside ISS, we recommend reaching out to relevant companies for questions.

Removing Unnecessary Features or Benefits From The Design

Some design features and benefits are not deal breakers. Please keep in mind the final boss is not you or I: it's the customer. They will determine what is necessary or not and what is worthy of their investment. If necessary, go back to all those who provided you feedback and ask yourself, "Does anyone care about this besides me?" If the answer is no it might be worth dropping.

Avoid the pitfall of being overly preoccupied with appearance over functionality

When was the last time you saw a customer at Walmart inspecting a product with a magnifying glass? Please remember that purchasers do value appearance, but a great appearance is worth almost nothing without proper functions.

"Rome was not built in one day: it would be wise not to expect a masterpiece over night."

1. Remember that it takes time to make things great and so don't be so hard on yourself to make it to the finish line so fast. It's important to pace yourself, but also to balance your business goals with realistic outcomes. Remind yourself that the Taj Mahal, Sistine Chapel, Eiffel Tower, and other great works were not accomplished rapidly. But they are still here today taking our breathe away. Think about it.

2. More complex jobs require more time, planning, and resources. So it's critical to understand that before undertaking complicated endeavors. So if at all possible, try to simplify your project goals!

"If all else fails...."

1. We understand sometimes we just have to "make haste" and get moving!

And in those cases, which could be emergencies, crisis's, and other upheavals will require a rapid response. Be prepared to see an increase in spending to adequately combat the battle ahead. Here's some extra support to help you fight your way through:

2. Expedited projects will require more money

  • Faster shipping speeds are obviously more expensive.

  • These costs are a third party costs.