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Thermoforming is a process that consists of shaping a plastic sheet using a matrix of wood, epoxy resin or metal. It is a versatile and cheaper process than other mechanical or pressure processes. It consists of holding the semi-finished in a structure and heating it until it reaches the gomoelastic state to place it over the cavity of the mold and that adapts to its geometry.


There are two main types of thermoforming:

Vacuum forming: It uses heat and pressure to draw plastic sheets into its final form with the help of a vacuum, to manipulate the sheets into its desired shape.

Pressure forming: applies even more pressure for greater detail and texture, making it the best choice when aesthetics are important.


Our process here is simple:

Client should provide a drawing, CAD file, pictures (with a measuring device) of what they want thermoformed.

ISS will provide a quote within 24 hours.


Current size limit of model (must fit within 6" X 9" X 4" area).


ISS currently does thermoforming with the following plastics: PET, HIPS, and HDPE plastic.


This type of manufacturing is recommended for rapid prototyping, molding, and packaging.

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