For our customers convenience we offer a seamless setup between starting a physical prototype and integrating it into an app. Currently, ISS is offering "stand alone" apps with the Nextion Editor for rapidly made GUIs for IoT projects.


Additionally, ISS uses the MIT App Inventor for developing apps that can be downloaded to smartphones and used to control products.


Price ranges for moderately complex projects: $1000-1500. Please reach out for a quote today: what do you have to lose?

If you are interested in developing an app with us, it is important to submit the following information in your quote

  1. Any pictures, drawings, or examples of how you would like your app to look , function, or any other design feature.

  2. If you have a logo or specific artwork that you want to use, please attach a jpeg or png file of it.


  4. Finally, please be sure that none of the artwork or intellectual property you are seeking to use is not copyrighted and can be used commercially.


  6. -We only do apps for IoT, IIoT, Electronics, and Manufacturing Engineering Projects.-