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Risk Reward

Business Model

ESO: Business Value Delivered

Risk mitigation


Partnership led

Fixed Bid / Output based

Cost optimization

Bettr accountability

Better integration

Business asigned services

Product differentiation

End-to-end services

Time & Material

Reduced cost

Talent post access

Cost optimization

Better integration

Project Centric

Procurement Centric

PDLC Centric

Scope of ESP

Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) can actually be very beneficial to an agency despite some incorrect stigmas about it. Primarily, outsourcing your design, idea, project, prototyping, drawings, and other extra work can not only save you money but also time.


Direct experience in the area(s) where your product will be marketed


Flexibility in Engineering Project Management and in fabrication


Resiliency in manufacturing capabilities


Cost reduction to your organization without diminishing product quality


Timely product deployment in the required volumes and lead times


Good reviews from past customers

Due to the extensive experience, training, and education of the ISS team we are able to drive prices down to affordable levels. Moreover, we are able to eliminate hidden costs that created unnecessary barriers to market entry for small businesses. Where designing was once the game that large corporations have played in and won, now it is now possible for the DIY inventor or small business owner to develop a profitable product. How, you might wonder? At ISS we specialize at using a vast array of tools to rapidly create design concepts using:

CNC machining (with no ridiculous setup fees)


Manual machining (just like those you might have seen in a Woodworking Shop or Job Shop)


3D Printing using Fuse Deposition Modeling (FDM)

​Silicone Molding



Injection Molding


Your own prototype work (you read it right, and we even discount the price according to your hard work invested)


Post processing services (painting, sanding, coatings, annealing, and more)

Outsourcing Options (Pic 2).png


Research and Development

Hombre manos en el teclado

Simplify the path towards creating feasible, safe, and legitimate designs.

Sift through the ultra-complicated compliance aspects of design that includes FDA, EPA, CPSC, CE, IEC, NEC, NFPA, and all the rest of the "alphabet soup" agencies you never knew existed.

Patent checks of both international and United States to make sure that intellectual property rights are being respected.

We make sure adequate licensing is in place to keep our projects running smoothly.


Design for Manufacturing Analysis

We determine if your design can adequately fabricated. In the event of a design that cannot be manufactured effectively, we will let you know and provide additionally engineering assistance.

With our advanced software and 20+ years of combined experience we are able to protect our customers from failures we have seen in the past.

We have seen vast reductions in prices, up to 50%, where ISS has had past project experience in that area coupled with a good DFMA.

Los gráficos


Parts Borrowing Program

Las reparaciones de electrodomésticos

Our "Parts Borrowing Program" speeds projects up by removing supply chain delays. As seen with the coronavirus and growing national instability, supply chains have not always been 100% dependable.

By having a library of parts to chose from, for rapid prototyping, and are free to use it puts the customer in control of project outcomes.

If everything works as determined by the client they can then purchase the parts knowing they have a successful design first.


Design for Manufacturing Analysis

We know that times are tight and some people are strapped for cash. We are able to help our clients procure more funds through our "Crowdfunding Assistance".

We can set you up with Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and others to enable you to secure more funding for your design.

fabricante de Iron Work


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