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Fixture Milling

CNC stands for computer numerical controlled machine. It uses a setup of ball screws and stepper motors to create extremely precise movements that can be used to guide sharp tools. These sharp tools make cuts on the raw material to make the design you are seeking.

At ISS we are currently using CNC milling operations to assist our customers in making quick designs. We only need a CAD file and we can do the rest. Here are some features of CNC machining here:

We don't charge a setup fee. Whatever labor is needed to get the design ready to be machined is factored into the quote.

If you paid for a fixture here, you own it. We do not hold a fixture if you have paid for it entirely and requested it's return.


Our CNC milling is much faster than 3D printing. So for people who are in a rush please consider this option.

If you are interested in the services please send over your CAD file. For those who don't have a CAD file or CAD experience we can draw the design for you.

Featured Links for those seeking additional CNC machining resources:

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