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WIne Turbines


The Concept 

The battery generates electricity through use of aerodynamic force created by rotor blades. Upon the flow of air across blades, there is an antagonistic decrease and increase of air pressure on either blade sides. This simultaneous increase on one side and decrease on the other side create both a lift and drag. The differential strength of these two forces cause the rotor to spin. This spinning rotor is connected via a shaft to gears whose rotation generates aerodynamic force that is translated to electricity.

Unlike conventional wind turbines, the Miller innovation is pleasantly unique in the following ways.

wind 1.png
  • Uses N52 Neodymium super magnets to power the rotational force of the device

  • Incorporates ceramic roller bearings for high performance. 

  • Allows the generation of energy with zero emissions.

  • Ultra-light weight design, capable of being easily transported. 

  • Comes with Lithium Ion Batteries for recharging electronics

  • Utilizes the TP4056 PCB for electronics charging and preventing overcharging. 

  • Operates with AA rechargeable batteries. 

  • Adjustable height and positioning to optimize the magnetic field propulsion. 

  • Durable ABS and Polycarbonate plastic parts. 

  • Comes with a large counterweight base for stable and consistent use. 

wind 4.png

Great Size

Small enough to fit inside a house

wind 2.png

Magnetic Induction

Used to generate more flux in the magnetic field

wind 3.png


Powerful enough to sustain an entire house


  • Power generation ranges from .3 volts to 3.2 volts per second (conditions will vary depending on the priming spin). 

  • Utilizes a unique patented magnetic array of R1050 and TUBE0275D magnetics for a repelling force. 

  • Comes equipped with a 6V DC motor with lead wires for PCB hookup. 

  • Equipped with Hybrid Ceramic 10 Ball Bearings for high end performance.



  • This unit allows the generation of pollution-free energy wherever you are at.    

  • Provides magnetic force for augmenting prolong shaft rotation for longer lasting AC current generation. 


  • Please do not use the device in close proximity to cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, pacemakers, or any other electronic device.


Length: 9.647” (245.04 mm)

Width: 7.845” (200.02 mm)

Height: 8.03” (204.20 mm)

Weight: .9108 LBS/.4131 KGS

By Jeff Miller


MY name is Jeff MIller, owner of Miller Enterprises LLC.  And the reason I am writing to you today is to tell you about the benefits of clean, green, perfect energy, and free energy. WE have developed free energy that is energy without an external power supply like an AC cord. We have put this legendary piece of technology in a battery; a perpetual battery.  A battery that can power your business forever!!!  My NIACS code is 112211: DB number is 805116949, MY WDE number-is M111412.  And we are the only company in the world that can legally sell licensing to free energy. This sets us apart from the rest.  The applications are limitless.  I would like to go into a business deal with you licensing free energy.

You might be saying  that this is breaking the laws of thermodynamics, mainly the 2nd law that reads “ The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time, and is constant if and only if all processes are reversible." Isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the state with maximum entropy.  The answer is YOU WOULD BE RIGHT, IT IS BREAKING THE LAW  OF PHYSICS! Read below, “ move fast and break stuff’” -


Founder of The Turbine Engine 

Einstein was wrong you ask??? No not really. Back in the day when he was alive he was a genius but times have changed. Think of it this way: think about the Internet, before the internet people said computers could not talk to each other watch movies, etc.  He had to defy popular beliefs, thoughts and practices.  In doing so the Internet was created.  A legend we born. 

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. ~ Albert Einstein 


This historic proclamation was made during a convention to seek alternative renewable energy sources to quench the ever growing and insatiable demand for energy. Decades earlier, the potential of wind power was but an idea that was discussed in hushed whispers with most viewing it with skepticism. It is this skepticism that pushed Jeff Miller, using modern science, years of experiments and sleepless nights to pursue the unthinkable.  With concern for the ever shrinking non-renewable sources, Miller set out to develop a timeless free energy battery. One that would provide perpetual free energy by harnessing free energy The 21st Century innovation is uniquely creative due to many benefits it is meant to bestow on Mother Nature. But won't that be rocket science you ask? Of course no, here is a basic functionality of the  battery.

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