Checking the Status of Your Project

We understand our clients need to check on their projects and sometimes even make some changes. With ISS, customers have total and easy access to their own updates folder, where they can easily check on development and related information.

How To Become a Member

1. Click the "Login" button located on the right corner of the website.

2. You will be redirected to a "Sign Up" form. Here you can enter your information in order to create a personal Member Account. Or you can also register with Facebook or Google. If you already have one, you can go ahead and click on "Log in".

Rules of Membership

In order to delivery the best personalized experience to our clients, we need detailed and trusted information in your "Account Section". In this section we would need our clients to fill up every required space, so we can create our database and deliver updates based on the right information.

How To Receive Updates

Being a part of Members Area, you will have live access to your project updates, and no more waiting for emails! Get instant access to all the information you need in the moment you need it!

  1. "Log in" into your Member Account.

2. Go to "Profile"

3. You will notice down below your "Profile" page, a folder index. Within this section, scroll down until you find the folder assigned with the client's name. Inside this folder you will have access to all the data and documents related to the project's development. Once you click on them, you will be redirected to google drive, were you will have access to all the project's information.