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  1. What is CAD? 

Answer: It’s an acronym standing for Computer-Aided Drafting.It’s the utilization of a computer to draw 2D and 3D objects for engineering purposes.

   2. What is an FEA?

Answer: An FEA is an acronym standing for Finite Element Analysis.  It’s an analysis used in simulations to better understand the functionality of your design.

   3. What is a CFD?

Answer: A CFD is an acronym for Computational Fluid Dynamics.  It's an analysis used in simulations to better understand the functionality of your design. 

   4. I’m unable to see or get the parts I need in my CAD file.  What can I do? 

Answer: This happens from time to time with certain CAD files.  ISS recommends that you check the part listing in your files and check the following free CAD parts libraries for reference:


Traceparts Online Parts Library

Grabcad Parts Library

Acceptable file types include the following: step, iges, stl, dxf, dwg, obj, and certain Solidworks files. 

  5. I’m unable to view and or open the CAD file sent to me from ISS.  What can I do? 

Answer: Please check your graphics card to make sure it’s powerful enough to process the visual imagery of the CAD file.

Answer: There’s plenty of free, safe, and easy to install CAD viewers.  Here’s a listing that you can choose from depending on your computer’s operating system:


AutoCAD 2019 DWG TrueView and Design Review

Design Spark (For Microsoft Users only)

Fusion 360 Free 30-Day Trial Version|pcrid|226118724391|pkw|fusion%20360%20free%20trial|pmt|e|pdv|c|slid||pgrid|52854004688|ptaid|kwd-296858597645|&intent=US-Fusion360-BR&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=GGL_FUSION360_US_BR_SEM_EXACT%3ETrial&utm_term=fusion%20360%20free%20trial&utm_content=se4lgkqrh|pcrid|226118724391|pkw|fusion%20360%20free%20trial|pmt|e|pdv|c|slid||pgrid|52854004688|ptaid|kwd-296858597645|&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgP64o7e42wIVGLbACh3xCQXqEAAYASAAEgL1r_D_BwE&dclid=CNKX0aS3uNsCFUTDwAodsi4JDQ

  6. What is a Non-disclosure agreement? (NDA)

Answer: The NDA covers the agreement between ISS and the client that ISS will not disclose the details of your project to other parties without written consent. 

  7. What is ISS’s free tech support policy? 

Answer: It’s an ISS business policy that insures the client receives fair, reasonable, and adequate support after a project is successfully completed.  Here’s a list of what’s covered:

  • All the milestone work products that have been successfully completed.

  8. Why has ISS refused my request for free tech support? 

Answer: ISS has a business policy that clearly defines what’s unacceptable for free tech support.  That policy includes these key details to help you understand what’s not acceptable: 

  • Clients that don’t successfully complete their project. 

  • Clients that have abridged their project without fulfilling ISS compliance requirements. 

  • Clients that have engaged in suspicious activity. 

  • Clients that has problems with a 3rd party and or parties that have no direct connection to an ISS project.

  • Design Overhauls

  • Significant changes to the design that would require another ISS Safety and Compliance check. 

  • New laws and or standards that would apply to the past design (although this can be reviewed and reconsidered on a case by case basis).

  • Any violations to the ISS seller terms.

  • Any changes that would require more than one hour of labor.

  • Anything outside the agreed upon and paid milestones of a successfully completed project. 

9. How do I know what material to pick for my design?  

 Answer: You can always ask us for advice, or another expert for advice, and we do send free samples of certain materials too.  

10. My question is not in this section. What can I do? 

  Answer: Please check all the FAQs.  If you can’t find it, please contact the ISS person you are working with.

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