ISS Store Credit Program

Store credit is funding offered by ISS Manufacturing to assist customers in their ISS project only. This credit enables you to start up your project without worrying about payments in advance.

It is important to understand that this Store Credit is not money. This credit is used within ISS to fund ISS work only.

The total amount one customer is eligible for in one project is up to $1000.00 US Dollars.

The client who receives store credit will be responsible for paying for it within the conditions of the "Store Credit Agreement". ISS will not discriminate in the Store Credit Program based on:

•Race or color;


•National origin;


•Marital status;

•Age (provided the applicant has the capacity to contract);

•The applicant’s receipt of income derived from any public assistance program; or

•The applicant’s exercise, in good faith, of any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

All applications and the determinations thereof will be documented by ISS and available for customer review upon request.

The following instances indicate default of this Store Credit Agreement, which means the remaining balance should be returned to ISS immediately are:

(a) If the Borrower fails to pay in due date;

(b) Borrower's inability to pay debts;

(c) The Borrower is dead or incompetent;

(d) The Borrower is filing bankruptcy;

(e) The Borrower has violated any of ISS Terms and Conditions of Sale

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