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At ISS we create PCB drawings, layouts, schematics, parts listings (BOM), and more. 


We export sch, brd, and gerber files and primarily use Eaglecad merged with Fusion 360 software. 

We do convert some of these files over to 3D PCB drawings in Fusion for enhanced enclosure design and mechatronics work. 

The idea of having ISS do this is to make sure electronics and manufacturing agendas align in a holistic and efficient fashion. 

We strive to make ISS a "one-stop-shop" for an inventors/companies/entrepreneurs design needs.


What you need to get started...

Any schematics, drawings, PDFs, STEP files, pictures (with a measuring device preferably) to give us an understanding of what you want.

Parts listing or bill of materials (BOM). We do part selection here so we can help. If you don't have a BOM you can always create on using Arrow's free BOM tool that can be found at:

If you have parts numbers we can work with that too. We prefer to source parts from and The more parts we can get "off the shelf" that have CAD files the cheaper and faster your project will be.

Currently, we do outsource PCB fabrication. If you have some company in mind that you really like please let us know. We'll do our best to facilitate our work with them.

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