Silicone molding is a prototyping process that uses silicone to make a mold and places a 3D printed object (negative) inside of it to make the impression. For more details on what this looks like please check the following link.

For those interested in Silicone Molding:

Silicone molding is for people who are looking to manufacture small batches (less than 1000 units) of parts without investing in a expensive metal mold.

This is a great concept for those who already have a 3D printed design and would like to make a few more parts without it costing too much.

Please be mindful that although this is a cheaper process silicone molds only last for about 50 parts.


Also, silicone molds do not pick up details of a negative that are less than 1/16" of an inch.


Almost the same principals apply for Silicone Molding as Injection Molding.


At ISS, if you have purchased the molding supplies, you own the mold.

For those that have more questions or are seeking a quote please feel free to reach out to ISS for more information.