Estone Technology is introducing an innovative technology in the arena of public safety for managing access and recognizing early warning signs of illness.  The AI Thermal Camera provides rapid, precise, and secure temperature detection using thermal imaging camera technologies.  In this webpage we will discuss the contents, algorithms, advantages, and applications of the AI Infrared Thermal Camera.  


When the camera detects fever temperature on a human, the LCD screen displays a visible warning alarm (and an auditory alarm), and the operating system automatically saves the facial image of the individual.  This provides the fastest and easiest way to prevent the spread of the virus and keep others safe.  Other camera technologies will also be examined in conjunction with the Estone product line.

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The AI thermal camera differs in many significant ways from a normal digital camera.  For instance, the thermal camera reveals the temperature of surfaces that are in the camera’s line of sight (LOS) whereas a digital camera does not.  Additionally, the AI thermal camera provides temperature readings in color that are within <±0.5° C, even while people are wearing masks.  The product is equipped with AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is not normally with most digital cameras.


 That AI allows rapid facial recognition (less than a second), protection from impersonation attempts, and extensive database capabilities for storing data.  And the Estone Thermal Camera is bi-spectral which provides more accurate temperature readings.  Even competitor models might offer features like cooled and uncool thermal cameras, application-specific software packages, but they do not usually include AI.  As you can see the AI Infrared Thermal Camera is no normal digital camera but has features that far surpass that.  


Due to the irregular shapes of human bodies, and a lack of consistency in body types, algorithms and AI must be used temperature detection.  In order to circumvent geometric limitations of inclusion of useless data in the camera image a segmentation algorithm may be applied to the selected areas of the body. Segmentation is the process that is performed by separating an object on an image using pixel-level or object-level properties of the pictured object. These image properties can be orientation borders, texture, pixel intensity differences inside certain geometries. Also, integrated AI thermal camera system provides precise surface temperature detections (<±0.5° C). The calibration is automated to adjust for the current camera applications, and that sufficiently reduces the surface temperature errors.  


With Estone Technology’s thermal camera you will have a distinct performance advantages that will enhance your screening and safety.  We have already discussed that the camera is AI enhanced with extensive machine learning capabilities, it is equipped with a robust database system, and has auto-calibration capabilities.  But this device can do much more: it can scan multiple people at the same time, it does not require any tactile activation (no contact temp registry), and it has a plethora of mounting options.  You can mount the device on a tripod, wall mounts, and pole stands. Moreover, the product can be equipped with a card reader, so now you can have contactless entry with RFID, NFC, CAC Card readers.  With your advanced ability to recognize elevated body temperatures (EBT) you can decrease your risk of spreading disease.  

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With temperature detection applications (with or without AI) you will find that there is a plethora of features and benefits from products on the market.  The Estone product is powered with a fast Octa-core Cortex A72/A53 CPU, Operation System 8.0. It also has an 8” IPS LCD equipped high resolution 1280×800 screen. The operating system supports API docking, any app for mobile (Android or iOS), desktop apps, or other device applications.  Additionally, it is equipped with visual and auditory alarms allowing maximum stimuli for warning people of potentially contagiously sick individuals.  Honeywell has created a comparable unit but only with a few different features.  The Honeywell model can detect if someone is not wearing appropriate clothing and has a wider viewing pane.  Overall, the Estone model has a lot of specialized features with AI for advanced threat detection.  


32x32 IR pixels thermal imaging sensor resolution
Quick Octa-core Cortex A72/A53 CPU for rapid data processing
Auto-detection for Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) with 0.5°C error range
Temperature detection speed is less than 1s, distance: 0.5-1m
Auto-identification non-human heat sources
Supports facial recognition applications and operations
30,000 face-matching libraries 
1: 1 recognition rate >98.3%,
1: N recognition rate>96.7
Operational with or without face masks being worn
Optional RFID reader or fingerprint reader for additional security check (RFID, NFC, CAC Card Reader)
Real-time alert of high temperature to security personnel
Real-time alert if no face mask detected
Configurable API for software/APP development


To repeat, this design is meant to rapidly recognize EBT which is an early warning sign of a sick individual.  By providing an advanced warning system using AI, machine learning, and a specialized algorithm the camera is able to provide augmented protection.  Additionally, it can minimize the spread of sickness by enhanced awareness of sick people.  Also, samples are available for testing and evaluation by contacting Estone.  Finally, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us on our web page: or  

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