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metal rods


Sheet metal bending is process (starting with a 3D model) of taking a sheet of metal and bending it to acquire a desired shape.


ISS does do stainless steel and aluminum sheet metal bending for prototypes that take up less than 12 square inches (about 304 square millimeters).

Additionally, we offer grinding, painting, polishing, and assembly for final product designs or prototypes with the aforementioned material. If you need to assess what sized metal you need for the job please check the following link

Tolerances Explained

Forming: +/- 0.020”

Bending: +/- 0.020”

Bend to hole:+/- 0.010”

Bend to a design feature: +/- 0.010”

Sharp edges can be broken, deburred, and or grinded. (usually around .03" unless specified otherwise)
Angularity: +/- 2°

Surface roughness (blank material): Ra 125 μin maximum

*Any other details must be specified on the blueprint or annotations must accompany the STEP file (or any other CAD file). All details will be reviewed with a "Design for Manufacturing Analysis" to make sure the job is doable.


Getting a Quote

1. If you need an NDA and or IP agreement prior to starting we'll gladly furnish you with one and we'll sign it after a legal review.

2. Please submit any drawings and information you have. We accept everything from CAD files to hand drawings. Your hand drawings don't have to be an artistic masterpiece, just readily understood by a person. All files you have can be uploaded on the ISS website chat or at Acceptable CAD files include: STEP (AP 214), SAT, IGES, IGS, OBJ, STL, DWG, DXF, Freecad files, Design Spark files, SLDPRT, SLDASSM, CAT, and more.

3. If you have pictures/hand drawings we do prefer you include a measuring device with the pictures to help with assessing scale and dimensions.

4. After your project/part data is received it can take up to 24 hours to get a quote. ISS does use machines for quotation assistance but we always have one engineer look it over prior to approval.

5. If you happen to add more work, parts, or information later, the quote and lead time can be adjust according. Part/project prices can be reduced this way as well.

6. If you have already had work done on your design we do offer pro-rated discounts. So please let us know what stage of completion you are at.

All quotes are regulated by our "Seller Terms". So please feel at liberty to reach out to us by chat here on the ISS website!

With our Sheet Metal Services we do include CAD work (if needed) and provide a presentation on how we can develop your design. Finally, if you request feedback on your design we will provide feedback.

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