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Data Science has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Antiquated machinery running on MODBUS and PROFINET set ups have been deemed as legacy systems worthy of a data science "retrofit." PLC systems once dominated by Allen Bradley and Siemens PLCs is now finding that Arduino and Raspberry Pi are effective replacement at the fraction of the cost. In addition to tapping into the power of Python and C coding signaling the official departure of manufacturers locked into cryptic and archaic "Ladder Logic" and other eclectic software that's not readily understood. Plus, to cap it off, Cloud integration with enhanced cybersecurity to garnish as much production data as securely as possible.


Key performance indicators (KPI) have now been fueled by Data Science efforts to gain great insights how to boost your company to the next level. KPIs, once compiled by machine operators at the end of the shift, or even by a LEAN coordinator, now can be gathered by computers and sensors. These sensors don't get tired, they do not lie, and they always record the necessary details. 24/7 streaming data on how powerful your through put is, how deep your bottlenecks go, and calculating your cycle time for every part.

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ISS recognizes that times are changing and we are here to simplify your data concerns, strengthen your access to production knowledge, and augment your KPI. Through the development of micro-controller units (MCUs), sensors, and Cloud-based dashboards we can upgrade your legacy systems. Or for those who are seeking an upgrade to their IoT, or IIoT, we can get you to the next level.