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Non-disclosure and intellectual property agreements are another smart way to protect your invention and or idea from being compromised. Please consider that before starting your project with anyone. 

Before starting any project, please be aware of our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Please check out our FAQ section.


Please return messages and other communications speedily: the faster you provide feedback the faster your project can go.* 


Scheduling project time can be competitive, and it’s offered in the order of customer arrival.  The sooner your get to start your project the better it is for you.   


As soon as you create the first milestone payment on Freelancer, or provide payment to ISS, the project can be commenced.  For your convenience we will let you know when we start. 

Feel free to “markup” your jpeg with your feedback and send it back to ISS for revision.  This will minimize the revision process and help you get your product quickly!  If you don’t have CAD software an ISS rep can provide links to free software.  


If this is a drawing project: the first drawing will be a rough draft.  It’s not the final version of what you will be receiving.  ISS will continue to work with you until your rough draft meets your reasonable specifications.  If no feedback is provided ISS will presume the drawing is good and will move to the next step.  

ISS prototypes use special prototyping glue.  This glue is a temporary bonding agent that can be released with water or with heat. If you need something more permanent, please reach out to ISS.  

If you need assembly help or fabrication plans please let ISS know.


If you have any questions pertaining to a specific product or services outside ISS, we recommend reaching out to relevant companies for questions .


To avoid a 15% shipping fee please use your FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS accounts.  If you don’t have an account please check with the relevant shipper or ISS can set up the shipment for you.  Additionally, you must a valid, confirmed, and real address for us to send you your products.  


From any of those accounts you can send a PDF label over to ISS where it can be printed off and attached to your shipment.  Or we can process the label for you.  


Please schedule a pick up date with your shipper and ISS.  


ISS will package and take videos/pictures of your shipment to provide proof of each item being in proper condition prior to shipment.  


In event that the shipment does not appear to be proper please return all inquiries with videos or pictures to document what happened.  

No payments received means your items cannot be shipped.  


*in the event that messages, payments, and other communications are delayed a project can be delayed by more or an equivalent amount of time.  

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