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Competitor evaluation is a feature of ISS R&D that enhances your competitive edge by examining, learning, and innovating on a competitor design. To make clear what Research and Development means to us, we want to share with you the steps we follow:


Client Information and Requirements

Collection of all information regarding the design, functionality and use of the product. In this phase, the client shares all the ideas and details of the product; it is important to share as much information as possible to achieve the expected design.


Design Analysis

Once the information about the design is gathered, the analysis based on the design takes place. This analysis includes all aspects regarding the design and materials to be used in the development of the model. In this phase, there's room for changes on the design and optimization.


Costs Analysis

Once the design is settled, a costs estimate is developed taking into consideration the materials to be used and the design, the processes of manufacturing and the man hours.


Preliminary Patent Check

The patent of the design is also analyzed and compared with the competition to ensure there's no conflict with the ideas, components and the end of the model.



A full and detailed analysis of the competition is made in order to ensure the authenticity of the design. This task includes a full study on the pros, cons, materials, functions and proices of the already existing products in the market.

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