6-Point Guaranteed Quality

Updated: May 12, 2020

1. ISS offers a non-conforming goods policy. If the prototype doesn't match the drawings/3D model, according to agreed client specifications and ISS, a client is offered a refund for that specific work. You must contact ISS within seven days in writing and specify what exactly is non-conforming and we'll review the information and determine what to do. Seller terms and Conditions. 2. ISS offers warranties on all final prototypes. We have guarantees on all our products within the constraints of the warranties. Please see our warranty web page for more details.

3. ISS offers "Free Tech Support" for issues that arise beyond our customer's control. Clients are eligible for free tech support if they have made valid payments and have completed their project. (Free tech support is subject to ISS Terms and Conditions).

4. ISS has increased accountability by allowing 3rd Party Intervention: In the event that you still believe your project has been mishandled, damaged, or failed to meet your quality standards you can appeal to our 3rd parties. Freelancer, Paypal, and Escrow are all 3rd parties that ISS goes through for payment processing. They have dispute options if necessary. We prefer to not dispute but if all else fails we are willing to subject ourselves to extra scrutiny to prove our sincerity.

5. ISS offers mail delivery security options. In the event that an item is damaged through a mail delivery gone wrong ISS can replace the items in certain conditions without charge. Please provide pictures and or videos immediately of any damaged design through a mail carrier/delivery company.

6. ISS has engineers standing by to receive your questions all week long! If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback that you believe will help us to do better please reach out. We aren't going to take your feedback personally: we want to help you as much as possible. And by keeping the lines of communication open, and allowing a professional exchange of conduct, we can really improve your project outcome.

At ISS we give our customers every opportunity to succeed and to minimize the risk of failure. We are 100% committed to helping you meet your business goals, hence why we go to great lengths to assist.

(*All Guaranteed Quality Conditions are subject to the ISS Terms and Conditions)

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