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Perfect for commercial businesses that want peace of mind knowing that their money is clean against the fight on passing virus and bacteria.



  • High powered UVC  bulb (25 watts).

  • Secure locking drawer with key. 

  • UV Resistant Acrylic Case.

  • Fits any type of US bank note or Canadian Polymer bill. 

  • Light weight (less than five lbs.). 

  • Dual 40 mm fans for double the cooling. 

  • Double safety switch activation with a

  • Three second UVC bulb activation delay.

  • UVC Bulb turns off automatically after one minute of use.   

  • Reprogrammable microcontroller unit (MCU) included.  

  • Programming IDE for the MCU is free. 

  • Removable panels for quick bulb and electronics servicing. 

  • OSHA compliant for workplaces in the USA. 


  • Length: 12” (304 mm)

  • Width: 8.525” (234 mm [counting the handle])

  • Height: 7.714” (195.94 mm)

  • Weight: 4.58 lbs. (2.08 kgs) Without money

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  • 25-Watt 110 Volt E26 UVC bulb with 15mg of mercury per bulb. 

  • Post-processed black Acrylic.

  • McMaster-Carr Miniature Keyed Cam Lock with Straight and Offset Cam, for 1/2" Through Hole Diameter.  Made of polished Nickel-Plated Zinc.

  • RoHS 3 (2015/863/EU) Compliant (Cam lock)

  • REACH (EC 1907/2006) (06/25/2020, 209 SVHC) Compliant (Cam lock)

  • The whole unit runs off regular household AC outlets. 

  • USB data cable provided for coding upgrades. 

  • SAFETY RATED E26 light bulb socket adapter is designed with fire-resistant materials and is rated to sustain 110 to 125 volts and 375 watts; Light cord switch is compatible with E26 US standard screw-base .

  • DC 5-volt cooling fans that measure 40x40x10mm, Color: Blue LED Lights

  • Relay with normally open interfaces , maximum load: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A.

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  • UVC  lamp is capable of inactivating the coronavirus and damaging the DNA of other hostile micro-organisms. 

  • Ozone-free UVC bulbs can provide an odor-free sanitizing process. 

  • Provides rapid cleaning power to currency using 25 watts of power that can clean 24 square inches per second. 

  • The device provides a secure way to protect money against counterfeiting and or theft. 

  • The Economy Version can be furnished with OSHA compliant stickers for safe UVC activation. 


  • Please use UV ray resistant goggles or safety glasses while the unit is in operation.

  • United States workplaces require the OSHA sticker for UVC warning to be on the unit prior to activation.

  • Never touch the UVC bulb when it is in operation. 

  • Please use be clothed and or use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while using this design.   



Quantock Industries, 1-866-681-8310 Ext 101 250-739-5414,

Qualicum beach, BC Canada 


David Poole

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