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3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Wood PLA

This item was made from plastic containing small wood fibers and has been post-processed and coated. The plastic wooden hybrid filament enables it's users to print small wooden objects with high quality details. Normally woodworking at this scale would be very difficult for some to do. But with 3D printing it's a very achievable goal.

4D Printing

ISS uses these materials for 3D printing: - ABS (with a proprietary chemical for enhanced appearance) - PLA (Food Grade) - PETG - T-lyne with DuPont™ Surlyn® - TPU - Steel/PLA for metal prints - Wooden PLA for wood prints And also PCL is coupled with 3D printing materials to make them stronger, more durable, and bendable. Pictures of the 3D print are shared with you prior to delivery to insure that it's the best possible quality.

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