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This is a 24 karat gold ring with blue sapphires, red garnets, green translucent emeralds, and diamonds. Karat weight, clarity, color, shapes, color zoning, quality (commercial vs. industrial grade), cuts, grades, and more can be chosen here for drawing implementation. Additionally, gemology support can be provided for clients who invest in ISS.


This is a piece of office furniture covering a desk design, cabinet design, desktop computer layout, various office drawers, and a built-in trash bin.

This shoe was a modified drawing from a previous CAD person that has been improved. The improved design has a sleeker design, reduced heel, and has been rendered for an enhanced appearance.

Seventh Heaven Pleasure Pontoon .jpg

A specialized pontoon rendered for demonstration purposes only, not for fabrication.

High Quality Rendered Animation of a CNC Fixture.

ISS Fixture HQ Animation_Moment (1).jpg
cabeza_olmeca_ v2 (HQ Render) .jpg

For African American History Month: Rendered Olmec-African artifacts with an environment (background). This is a high quality (HQ) photorealistic rendering and not an actual real picture.

A 3D photorealistic render of a 48' onsite trailer for powering onsite operations. The unit is equipped with 2 MVA transformer, PLCs, control cabinets, generator, switch gears, HVAC units, for rapid deployment where power is needed. (The trailer top has been exploded for further viewing).

ACV 3D Drawing and Photorealistic Rendering.

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